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Our most adaptable protective packaging range


Our BUBL Bags provide superior product protection for your valuable or fragile goods, enveloping products in an air cushion that adapts for use with multiple shapes and sizes. Simple and easy to use...

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A range of protective packaging for specific fragile products


BUBL Pods provide superior product protection for specific products, from phones and laptops, to bottle and jars and even artwork and televisions. Enveloping products in a series of air cushion tubes...

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Our ultimate heavy duty re-usable protective packaging solution


BUBL Cases are designed for heavy duty use. Suitable for multi trip use with a solid exterior and padded interior the BUBL Case is ideal if you need to transport similar items on a regular basis...

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More features than you could wish for

In the 21st Century we have seen an explosive growth in ecommerce through the development of internet and mobile technologies, yet most businesses still use packaging that was developed in the 20th century. With the huge variation of delivery methods available, home delivery, pick up points and drop off points, products need to be packed to address the challenging  conditions of today’s delivery networks….which is why we developed our range of BUBL Packaging products. 

Maximum Product Protection

All of our products have the same design characteristics – To provide maximum product protection

Minimum Storage Requirement

Our inflatable products are supplied uninflated so require much less space than traditional products like boxes, polystyrene and Bubble wrap 

Simple to Use

Our products are simple to use at home, small business or large factory environment. Set up is easy and inflation takes a few seconds.

Quick to Pack

It takes a few seconds to pack products using our inflatable BUBL packaging – compare that to the time required to Bubble wrap items, erect a cardboard box and pad out with void fill.

Cost Effective

Our inflatable BUBL Packaging replaces bubble wrap, box and void fill and it is quicker to pack items. This can generate significant savings overall.

Recyclable & Reusable

The BUBL Packaging product range are all 100% reusable and are made from 100% recyclable materials.

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About Us

BUBL Bag was formed as a company to develop packaging which provides maximum product protection – first and foremost. BUBL Bag was our first inflatable packaging product and it replaces Bubble wrap, padded envelopes, void fill and boxes and provides better protection than any combination of those products too! We have since added another range of inflatable protective packaging, to the range, BUBL Pods. Providing bespoke product solutions while still providing the highest levels of product protection. Our most recent addition to the range are the BUBL Cases. BUBL Cases provide heavy duty protection designed for multiple re-use – again with the simple objective to provide maximum product protection.

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